Not long ago I watched a baseball game, Milwaukee Vs LA Dodgers.  It was a good game but for me the high-lite of the telecast was when the broadcasters, Joe Buck and John Smoltz talked about and then invited into their booth the Radio announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers.  His name is Bob Uecker and he is in the BB Hall of Fame.  He is in his mid 80’s and broke into baseball in 1962 with the Milwaukee Braves as a catcher.

Uke was on the Johnny Carson show off and on for years.  He was one of the funniest guests ever on that show.  Carson called him Mr. Baseball.  He is a HoF member for being an announcer but he was a player.  Claims to have a life time batting average of 200. Said they rounded up.  Thats funny.   Buck gushed in his praise for Uecker.  Joe Buck then did an amazing thing.  He got out of his chair and gave the mike to the Uke. Uecker then proceeded to call the game for 1/2 an inning.  Nothing exciting happened but it was just a little magical anyway.  I loved it

Not only on the Tonite Show he was on a sit-com “Mr. Belvidere” for several years, but in my estimation, his best was as an announcer for the Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League. Man, was he great in that movie.  He comes with some funny lines but my favorite was when someone asked him how he caught a knuckle ball.  He said, “you wait until it stops rolling and pick it up.

Two things that really interested me.  He threw out the first pitch of the NLCS playoff game.  Before that when the Brewers clinched a playoff berth, the team as usual celebrated with spewing Champagne and Beer all over everyone however they refused to start the celebration until their guy came down from the press box.  They waited on Uecker and he got the most Champagne of anyone.  Tells you what the team thinks of him.

He has been doing the Brewers play by play since 1971. He is right up there with Harry Carey, Vin Sculley, Red Barber and all the real great broadcasters.

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