I love history, History Major in College, but I read all of the history books and not try to spin it into a narrative that my group will like.  Remember Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as Stupid does”

y career path as a life coach is about over (didn’t get a lot of customers) so I thought I would do something else for a while.  Something like, offering advice, or writing old stories or telling folks what I think about anything, without being asked.

Group Think. I think it is great that idiots think alike. Tulsa Public schools decided to re-name “Lee School” that Lee was offensive as he was a slave owner and fought for the South. So, the new name “Council Oak School” Named for the famous Council Oak tree nearby. What the group think and do-gooders seem to forget – Creeks Indians collectively owned more slaves (and brought them with them on the Trail)than Robert E. Lee ever thought about owning. In fact, all the “Civilized Tribes” were slave owners. That was only 30 years or so after being forced from their homelands.

Since I don’t like the evening news I thought I might try to forecast/predict the news and offer the information to others who are bored with news. The following is a mini example and do understand the fee is small but monthly billed like the newspaper, call my accountant for details.

“Someone got shot, someone got robbed, a truck wrecked, Trump tweeted/said something stupid.” Also for the next 2-3 years, Democrats are going to continue investigating Trump.

I am a registered Democrat (Only way I could vote against John Russell) so I get the calls from Democrats candidates and the DNC. I have never had as many calls, (robo & real) mailers, surveys (at the end wanting money) and front door appearances than ever before. Tells me the Democrats are working their collective asses off to gain seats, in both the state house and Washington. It also tells me we better not get complacent on this election or the next and the next. OR EVER! No participation, no bitching. 

I also received 5-7 surveys from the ALCU (because I register democrat) they also ask for money at the end of the survey – if they read my answers they would quit sending them. I also include all the papers that came with it so as to raise their postage bill ever so slightly. They still don’t get it. Which is some of my answers to their questions, “They just don’t get it”  I mean if they cannot tell I don’t care for their drivel, therefore they are wasting their stamps, then how in the world can they run our country properly

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