Track Star

Seeing my Glenpool Warrior Letter jacket reminded me of what a great athlete I was.  See that little winged foot, Track star!  John Gosnel ran the 100-yard dash in 10.1 seconds, my time was 17 seconds.  John also ran the 220 in 25 seconds, mine was 40.  My neighbor David Ritter ran the 440 under 55 seconds Jerry Meek did too, mine was under 2 minutes.  Mike Winston ran the mine under 5 minutes, mine was something under a week.  My game was the shot-put.  At 160-pounds I was the best shot-putter (all technique) in Glenpool history up till that time (they didn’t keep records).  I don’t remember the remarkable distance I putted it, but I did beat that 275-pound fellow from Liberty, He was a freshman and I was a senior, I remember him from Junior high when he was in the 8th grade for 4 years, it is a shame neither Glenpool or Liberty had football or he would tackle me (I taunted him about his 4 years in the 8th grade) at the line of scrimmage.  Both schools could pool together players enough for offense (just barely), but no defense, not enough players. Wuhan (named for Woo-baby Ellison I think) Flu, Ankle bracelet home confinement does wonders for my memory.

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