I guess most people know where Lukenbach, Texas is.  Just a wide spot on a quiet road.  Hundreds of blue hairs visit there every day.  It is a fun place.  Small but fun.  The old general store/post office is over 1oo years old.  When I arrived, there were 8 motor cycles and 11 cars in the parking lot.  There is a street taco place outside and the dance hall (with no band on Monday afternoon) across the street.  People were walking around with dogs on leash and taking in the sights.  I walked into the store and saw what was expected, souvenirs, t-shirts Luckenbach Jelly, etc.  What I did not expect was in the very back of the store was a very small bar, a pot-belly wood stove, and two old codgers holding court with guitars and a dobro.  They were singing the Oh, Brother Where art thou theme a Man of Constant Sorrow.  It was quite good.  I listened a few minutes as he bantered with the 10-12 people setting against the walls sipping a long-neck, sing a song and again banter with the small crowd. 

Wil was sitting with the tiny new dog in the car and I slipped out a side door and got her and the pup and we went back.  We went thru the bar to the back as there were no seats on the benches.  After 3-4 minutes, it was like shift change, those sitting got up and left, those standing found a stool and sat. 

We were the last two to walk in.  Now, this space is only about 15 X 15 feet, very small, I am helping Wil find a seat and carrying the pup.  Without missing a beat, he asked ‘Where did you get that Mangy thing”.  I said, “Oh, I married her a long time ago.”  It cracked him up and he lost his place.  One old guy on the South wall jumped and give me a high five.  All this time Wil was boxing my ears.  He then said, “I’m not going to top that, “Where are you from” “I told him I was from Tulsa and he said, “Well I got some bad news for you, your Governor’s house burned down this morning ” Really?  Yes, and got 2 or 3 other trailers.  Everyone had a good laugh except Wil, I think she still looking at me sideways. I assume she knows I was joking. I was.

We had a great hour, put a little bread in the jar, grabbed a street taco and sat down.  Just after getting the taco, the old singer, had a grey beard and braided pony tail to his waist, came over and we visited a few minutes.  We swapped a few jokes and I told him the one about “The Snowbirds come down here to Texas every winter, they bring a T-shirt and a $20-dollar bill and they never change either of them.  His break was over and he left, stopped about 10 feet away and said. “I’m gonna use that one.”  Feel Free.

It was a good day!  They all are.

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