Best Little Whorehouse in Okay

This is a sequel to the BBQ story.

Jim East an investigative of that era told me the following. I Wrote the story for the Tribune when the Log Cabin burned. Quoted a dispatcher as saying “The whore House is burning” No address needed. Duane Henry emailed from Brazil and wanted a copy of the article. PS: I was loyal to Slicks – until it burned down. Go figure.                         

‪Bud Smithson was my partner at that time, this is what his memory of Mayhlon. I was called into troop C and met by the Captain, Lt and 2nd Lt and told in private that we were going to raid Mahlyon’s that afternoon and no Trooper but me was being told. Top secret not taking any chances on someone calling Mahylon and warning him, other troopers would be called in and leave from Troop C and no one would be able to call him. I was driving through okay a couple hours later to troop c to gather up for the big raid and Mahylon flagged me down said if you will tell me how many troopers are coming on the raid at 2, I will have sandwiches made for them. I couldn’t help but to like Mahylon.

The other whore house was run by the aforementioned Duane, or Dane as some called him Henry.  He had been busted for pandering more time than one could count.  Never anything except a small fine if that.  Thanks, in part to a District Judge that was running a loan sharking business out of his judge offices.  

Dane, unlike Mahylon attracted the attention of the FBI, Racketeering, I think they call it.  Just prior to his arrest he was tipped by someone and decided to vacation in Belize, then later and finally, to Brazil, he liked it so well he stayed.  I heard of people who would ferry cash to him as he needed it.   I assume he stayed in close contact with family members.  His brother even bought a cemetery plot in a Muskogee cemetery and had a headstone made.  Put the date of birth but left off the date of death, as it had not happened yet.  The item that riled the local community was the symbols put on the headstone.  Two of those-chrome plated buxom girl figures like you would see on a semi-truck mud flap.  Since it was a Christian cemetery I guess some Church-lady objected.  Never heard if they were removed or not.

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