I guess if you live your life with no regrets you have lived a pretty good life.  I didn’t.  There are at least 3 things I regret.

 I had a chance to run over John Russell one morning before daylight when he was walking and crossed US69 in front of me and I had to hit the brakes hard to miss him.  I knew he was out there because I saw him when I went the other way, I got gas and headed south to an accident.  I missed him, and told him he should be more careful, as he did not have a lot of friends who drove 69. I regret missing him,

When I was 8 years old a kid of about 4-5 lived in the country south of Glenpool, his name was Billy Dye, I think.  I heard his mother say how much, Little Billy loved green bell peppers, we were in his garden and I pulled a jalapeno and told him they were better than bells.  He took a big old bite and started yelling all the way to the house.  I think I may have killed his love of peppers.  I have always regretted that.

About the time I retired I was on the Wagoner County Zoning Board.  One of the originals when it was chartered.  Tadpole Llewellyn had a small piece of property in the Bollinger addition, that backed up to US 69.  He had a chance to sell it for a nice profit but it needed zoned for commercial and not residential.  The vote was 3-2 to not change the zoning.  That was a mistake, it should have been zoned commercial & to this day I don’t know why I voted against it.  I knew Tadpole he had been my barber until haircuts went from $1.75 to $2.00.  I quit him at 2 dollars. I did not regret that, still got the same barber and she only cost about 60 grand a year now, but I did and do regret not voting for Tadpole.  I also never got the chance to apologize to him before he passed on.  That is the biggest regret I have and I think often about it, the reason for this note, first time I ever told anyone.

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