I just hope everyone understands where we are headed.  The communists said 50 years ago, “We will take your country, without ever firing a shot.”  They are doing it.

The four steps to convert a Democratic Republic into a Socialist state.  FOUR STEPS. Not necessarily easy steps, but only 4 steps. Early on a slow process but then exponentially speeds up, as we are seeing today.

1) Takes the longest.  IDEALOGICAL SUBVERSION, or psychological warfare.  That has been going on for over 50-60 years.  It starts with just a few university professors who spout the socialists’ dogma for a couple of generations.  All they need is a few converts, who then in turn spout the same lies and convert a few more.  Two or three generations (told you it takes a while) you have the same propaganda/lies being spouted in colleges and even public schools in liberal parts of the country. Play the races against each other.

2) DEMORALIZE A NATION – Expose the enemy (us) the ideology of choice (socialism) and stand back.  Because of the lake of moral standing Americans will now be preaching socialism to Americans. Breakdown the religious fabric of the Nation, and start with abortions.  When was Roe V Wade? in the 60s, it takes a while.  Now count the number of legal abortions in this country and world-wide.  It is horrific.  Intensify playing the races against one another.

3) DESTABILAZATION – Not long 2-5 years.  Those that have long hailed socialist agenda will be grinning from ear to ear.  They can see the end in sight.  They will soon (within a few more years) will be in charge. You can never convince them that they are not included in the plan.  Only when the new Commie leaders put their boot on their heads will they see they were wrong.  Little late then.  Double down on the race issues.  Make it a wedge. Use any other polarizing issue and intensify efforts. (Think ERA, Abortion, BLM, Cops are criminals, etc.)

4) CRISIS – That will not need to last too long.  Think riots in the streets, think pandemic’s. Think attempting to change history.  Promise anything, any goodie (universal health care) and pie in the sky for the masses. This is also used in every step.

The final is called NORMALIZATION – I did not include it in the 4-step process, because it is the end result.  When Castro took over Cuba, and when Soviet Tanks were in Hungary, the Soviet leadership said things were “back to normal”.  END GAME.

They don’t keep re-inventing the wheel, we have seen this in South America, Central America, Africa, and Europe.  Why do you not believe it can happen here?

If you think this is BS, most of it came in 1984 from a Russian Agent who defected 14 years earlier, and said when it happens, just think, you will have no place to ask for asylum, like he did.

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